PiNcentives  is a Real Time Promotions and Discounts Engine

  • Easy Management of Discounts (Create – Edit – Activate and Deactivate Discounts)
  • Admin Portal
  • Virtual Wallets to collect money and event
  • Coupon Code (Promotion Code) management for giving complex(rule based) discounts

Complex Rules Definitions

  • Discount Units  ( % based or fix price)
  • Promotion (TL , Points Collection or any other Meta/Product)
  • Cross discounts between different products
  • Buy 2 Horror Film – Get the 3rd Free  or  Get the 3rd with %50 discount
  • Buy 1  product A and get %25 discount for  a product B applicable for the next 2 days

ElasDoc® is configurable, high volume digital document
​generation system

  • Collection & Aggregation of electronic documents from multiple source systems
    • Workflows: Document context enrichment & processing
    • Layout Design & Production: PDF, HTML, PS..
    • Distribution & Delivery: file system, email, web

​Process fast data…

A Complex Business Event Processing platform with Real-Time Actions


  • Fraud attempt from banks one of specific branch
  • Sales realization stays below the target for direct sales
  • High net worth customer attempts to close his/her contracts
  • Electricity production costs exceeds the upper limits
  • Call center service level is decreased by the critical campaign launch
  • Call drop rates exceeds the critical level
  • Create a real time alerts to internal audit department
  • Send notifications to regional manager and alert to salesperson
  • Make a proactive outbound call from churn team
  • Update electricity tariff prices and alert to energy commerce unit
  • Re route the campaign inbound calls to outbound marketing teams
  • Create an alert to cellular network team to fix the problem

Moneterian is an Incentive Management Software for effective management, allocation and monitoring of dealer and sales channel commissioning

1. Data Loaded into Moneterian application via ETL


2.Compensation Plans configured in the application


3.Pipeline (Transactions) processed in the system


4.Standard Reports generated in the output systems and output data loaded into External systems