Our service offering comes from solid experience , lesson learned and best practices from many projects, that make PiA an experienced partner for transformation or modernization of BSS/OSS environments. As corporate target, cutting IT capital expenditures in today’s economic climate leverages difficulties in determining cost-saving measures without adversely affecting operations and availability.

PiA’s tailored services based on proactive, long term cooperation with measurable results increase our telecom customers’ cost saving efficiency in multi-vendor environments. Customers can benefit from significant OPEX reduction and improvement considering time to market for new services, new rollouts and integration of high degree of communication business services.

Application Development

For companies like PiA, that deliver not only complex, but highly available and operationally manageable applications, it is critical to have a solid vision of emerging trends and technologies both from business and technical perspectives. For PiA, Application Development is the art of combining both perspectives into a perfect compromise without diverging from business facts.

In this regards, considering business perspective, PiA brings decades of knowhow acquired from many projects in key business domains some of which are; billing, partner management, customer relations, order and product catalog management systems and workflow engines as well as event processing systems like; payment collection and dunning, real-time complex discount engines, file processing and mediation systems.

Considering technical perspective, one of the competitive advantages of PiA is having designed huge application frameworks with vast flow of data and its challenges early on; long before the hypes and headlines around big-data, in-memory/parallel/distributed computing and alike.

Having adapted and learned by experience in previous projects, what PiA brings to the table is beyond “mere understanding” of these challenges—instead, we offer a very deep perception with the capability of designing and implementing such systems, platforms, and architectures that are operationally manageable.

These technical capabilities; In-Memory Computing/Data Caching, distributed and multi-threaded computing, synchronous to/from asynchronous load distribution and gateways, Complex Event Processing, rule-driven systems design and development are some such where PiA will keep its technology focus.

In this context, PiA provides not only turnkey custom software solutions and services, but can also provide services related to a specific part of the software development lifecycle. Software development services include; project management, specifications gathering, process analysis, design, programming, testing, installation and training associated with a specific application development project of your company’s needs.

System Integration

PiA TEAM has a vast experience on projects with turnkey delivery as well as via partnerships following the standardized methodologies of Tier-1 vendors and System Integrator companies. The following are some examples of past experience in the area of Systems Integration:

  • CRM systems
  • Realtime convergent Charging Solutions
  • Convergent Billing Solutions
  • Payment tracking, dunning and late payment management
  • Dealer management systems; dealer/partner on-boarding, dealer employee management, dealer audit management and partner relationship management systems
  • Complex discount and promotion management systems
  • Operational Insights and Analytic Solutions
  • Complex Data Migration projects
  • Mobile Ticketing solutions
  • Document processing, enrichment systems (Invoice Generation solutions)
  • Telecom Operator OSS and Network Management/Monitoring Systems

ADM & Managed Services

PiA Team starts working with your analyst, consolidate business and operational requirements, publish high level and low level design documents including but not limited to operational MOPs and carry out delivery. As PiA, we commit meeting our KPIs including but not limited to; delivery timelines, time-to-respond, time-to-recover, production defects and system up-time(s) etc.

PiA provides single point of contact with utmost operational transparency and traceability. As managed service provider, alternatively PiA can provide services for non-kernel add-on development as work around solutions on proprietary BSS/OSS applications to respond adhoc requests from business units in a timely fashion.

Staff Augmentation

Being a trusted partner, PiA TEAM can share its vast project experience with its key customers and partners by providing highly qualified niche specialists who will help boost the projects and turn concepts into realities meeting business objectives.

PiA TEAM highly skilled staff will leverage existing resources of our customers and partner and brings in rapid value considering technology know-how, subject matter experience on a business field as well as project governance and methodology standardization.


Consultancy & Governance

The more critical the projects and programs get, the more companies discover the importance of the project realm within their organization. This often results in installing basic management and control mechanisms for the projects considering the following areas:

  • Project Scope & Portfolio
  • Roles and Communication Map
  • Decisions and Risk Tracking
  • Terminology & Language

In all these areas, PiA-TEAM can provide consultancy and governance services to assure that basic management principles and control mechanisms are in place.