• Logical data model which can be implemented (physicalized) on any platform like SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Based on TmForum SID Framework
  • Strictly structured in terms of Foundation and Analysis layers
  • Reduces cost of integration. Most operational systems are covered
  • Easily customizable and extensible on both ends (source system side and analysis side)
  • Supports in-depth analyses for most common business problems
  • Can integrate with any source system
  • Supports advance analysis such as segmentation, churn prediction, campaign propensity, etc.
  • A Foundation Layer model
  • 30+ Analysis Areas are provided within the Model
  • The Analytical Layer (Datamarts) will still be heavily customized depending on specific bank/department needs

I-DEM focuses on addressing issues such as editing, deleting, importing and exporting data using a web based, secure and user-friendly application.


  • Transfer of mass data to databases.
  • Make the necessary arrangements on the existing data following authorization rules and approval mechanisms.
  • Data compatibility check in accordance with the rules defined in the system.
  • Identification of table, column, and cell which a user can access, setting the information to be entered during the information input from the definition screens.
  • Enforce simple data type control in the information input field.
  • Monitor all the updates made.



  • Centralization.
  • Quality assurance at data entry.
  • Control & audit, through logs of all data changes.
  • Easy-made Import & Export data.
  • Cost/effort reduction.
  • Improved Security.
  • Time savings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible for new business requirements.
  • No installation required.